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AWC New Directions

Summer 2023

Our Adirondack Welcome Circe has been re-thinking things.

In 2022, a group of us in the Glens Falls area came together to host a refugee Afghan family. Our stated purpose then was:

“to welcome, resettle, and integrate refugees into our community.”

But no Afghans accepted our offer. When the war in Ukraine suddenly began, we were able to welcome a Ukrainian family to our midst. With great satisfaction, and with thousands of thanks for the wonderful support of our community, we can say that the Ukrainians are successfully settled.

Earlier this year, we were preparing to bring on another family.

Then, the huge burden of immigrants that are overwhelming the resources of New York City became obvious. Some refugees and asylum seekers have been finding their ways to our area. So the AWC has become moved to open our arms wider, to do what little we can to help some of these folks.

As a result, we have refined our goals to now declare:

        “The AWC will provide support as needed, assisting individuals or families of immigrants in meeting their basic human needs, in achieving independence in their ways of life  and with integration into our community.  We will work in concert with other organizations or independently.” 

We are very mindful that to support refugees and asylum seekers coming here in hopes of a better life, our community must provide for a whole host of needs they are likely to have, including translation services, housing and food, medical care, transportation needs, schooling, legal services, and so on. At this point, we aren’t yet up to the job; we will need to grow.

And more importantly, we will need the help of other organizations and individuals to meet the anticipated needs. In an attempt to organize what resources our community already has, the AWC is in the process of preparing:

A Plan to Welcome Immigrants to the Glens Falls Community.

Housing is perhaps the most obvious need, but on a larger scale, money is the key to fund housing and food and clothing etc. And on a larger scale yet, it is key that our community must awaken to the burdens and benefits of welcoming new neighbors.

So, as we tackle these issues, we are turning to you, our community. Help us financially if you can, by sending a check to:

The Adirondack Welcome Circle
PO Box 132
Glens Falls, NY, 12801

Or you can join our Go-Fund-Me effort at:

Perhaps you have the time and energy to volunteer help. Or ideas on how to develop the needed resources. Or energy to help us raise funds. If so, reach out to us through our Facebook page:

Or  contact us using the form below.

Many thanks for your considerations.

Richard Leach, MD

President, The Adirondack Welcome Circle


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