Adirondack Welcome Circle

Dear All,

We all see the heartbreaking images from the comfort of our homes of people who used to have comfy homes too, but now they are in war-torn towns or walking for hundreds of miles and crossing rivers, all searching for safety and peace.  We sit in our cozy chairs and our hearts hurt, but it feels daunting to make a difference.
In 2021 a group of people in our community came together to form the Adirondack Welcome Circle. Our goal is to welcome immigrants and help them find the peace and comfort they are searching for.
Because of the incredible outpouring of love and support of our community, we were able to welcome a family from Ukraine who is now almost completely independent.  We have recently welcomed a new family from Columbia with a mom and a dad and a son.
As you personally prepare for the holidays, we ask that you consider making a gift to the Adirondack Welcome Circle.  We have no overhead costs so all of your gift goes directly to help our local family.
While it’s true we can’t help everyone, just think if every community in America did the same!
There is no gift too small and we have a number of ways you can contribute.
Thank you for considering us in your annual giving.  Together we can make a difference.
Please help us continue by making a tax deductible donation:
  • Send a check to: Adirondack Welcome Circle, PO Box 132, Glens Falls, NY 12801
  • A GoFundMe page will be set up soon (Link will appear here).
You can contact us through a contact form below or by email: [email protected]
The holidays are a great time to make a donation.  Thank you for helping us make a difference.
Happy Holidays!
The board of directors of the Adirondack Welcome Circle:
Rick Leach president, Donna Perkett, Richard Cipperly, Ruth Fish, Oksana Smith, Kris Duffy, Kathleen Braico, Rachelle Tessier


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